Pricing and Packages


            Monthly Memberships

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Single Chill$65
10 Session Package$297
1 Month Unlimited Package$349

Cryotherapy Facial

1 Session$35
3 Session Package$99
5 Session Package$150
10 Session Package$285

Hyperbaric Therapy

Single Session 30 minutes$50
Single Session 45 minutes$60
Single Session 60 minutes$75
Single Session 120 minutes$125

Compression Therapy

30 Minute Session$25
60 Minute Session$36
Unlimited Monthly Membership$199

Infrared Sauna

Renew (Single 40-minute Session)$40
Unlimited Month (40-minute sessions)$199

Celluma LED Therapy

Single Session$55
5 Session Package$225
10 Session Package$425

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