Inversion Therapy

Find your ideal balance, upside-down!

How does a Teeter work?

The Teeter Inversion Table provides low back pain treatment and helps clients maintain an active lifestyle. Once the ideal balance settings have been determined, simply kick back and let the body relax. Stretching and mobilizing while inverted helps to maximize the benefits for joints and ligaments by encouraging re-hydration and increased overall flexibility. Joints that have become slightly unaligned from overuse and misuse are encouraged to naturally realign with gentle stretching during decompression, resulting in better symmetry and posture. Allow the muscles to release and you will begin to experience the many benefits of the Teeter Inversion Table.

Incorporate inversions into your fitness routine as a way to restore your physical body from high impact, compressive, or rotational everyday activities. 

Benefits of the Teeter Inversion Table

  • Relieve Back Pain: rehydrates discs, reduces nerve pressure, realigns the spine, and relaxes tense muscles
  • Ease Stress: releases tension in shoulders, neck, and back
  • Improve Joint Health: decompresses joints, strengthens ligaments, and enhances shock absorption
  • Increase Flexibility: elongates muscles, enhances muscle efficiency, and improves mobility
  • Improve Fitness and Build Core Strength: inverted sqaut exercises strengthen the hamstrings and quads while sculpting the glutes while inverted core exercises target every muscle to help build strong abdominals, internal, and external obliques

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